Safran Morpho 4G FingerVein Station™

Brand: Safran Morpho
Product Code: 4GFVST

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The 4G FingerVein Station is a full featured device utilizing industry leading finger vein technology and is built on the L-1 4G multi-biometric platform. Finger vein technology uses near-infrared light to gather biometric data resulting in consistent and accurate processing, making the solution ideal for many types of applications.

Full colour LCD Screen
Industry leading Finger Vein Sensor technology from Hitachi
Largest template capacity in the industry (500,000 in 1:1)
Powerful administration software
Field replaceable sensors

Finger Vein Benefits

Near-infrared light is used to gather biometric data, that reduced the impact of skin surface conditions, enabling consistent and accurate processing.
Veins are inside the body, invisible to the eye and not accessible, making them extremely difficult to forge or manipulate.

The 4G FingerVein-Station is also available with HID Prox, HID iClass and Gemalto Mifare & Desire options.

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